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Q: What is an FMD and how do I fill a can with one inside?

A: An FMD is a flame mitigation device. Their inclusion inside fuel containers will soon become law. The FMD provides an added layer of protection for those who don’t handle fuel responsibly. An FMD should never be removed from your can. No fuel container, including one with an FMD should ever be used to start or accelerate a fire. Click here to watch a video on how to fill a fuel container with a flame mitigation device inside.

Q: How do I operate my SmartControl Spout?

A: Vent your fuel container before use. Using the palm the palm of your hand, press the dark green lever up to unlock. Place your fingers over the black grip and squeeze the light green block forward to release any built up pressure. Once can has been vented, position the spout over the tank you wish to fill and follow these same steps to pour. Tip: The large green block must slide all the way forward for maximum flow. Click here to watch a short SmartControl can instruction video.

Q: Why is there a lock on my fuel container?

Similar to medication packaging, fuel containers must also comply with strict child-safety regulations which mandate locking features to prevent children from accessing fuel.

Q: Where can I buy replacement parts for Scepter products?

A: Replacement components are available online via our partner, Outdoor Power Direct.  

Q: Where can I buy Scepter Marine products?

A: Please click Where to Buy- USA or Where to Buy- CA/Int'l for a list of distributors and retailers who carry the Scepter portable marine fuel tanks

Q: Where can I buy Scepter Military cans?

A: In the U.S., Scepter military fuel cans are only available for sale to military and emergency management agencies with a valid government contract. If you meet these criteria, please visit our Where to Buy- USA or Where to Buy- CA/Int'l page for more information. 

Q: I have a Marine tank, how do I install the quick connect fitting?

A: Wrap threads of quick connect fitting in teflon tape and screw into fuel tank ¼’ NPT port clockwise until tight.

Q: I cannot install my quick connect fitting into the marine tank as the connector will now turn 360 degrees to install:

Some older model fittings have longer connectors that touch the top of the marine tank prohibiting a 360 turn. In this case we recommend that the fuel pick up elbow or square gauge be removed far enough to install the fitting, once complete reinstall the fuel pick up as illustrated in the links below. Scepter’s current line of fittings have sufficient clearance and provide ease of installation.

Elbow installation

Gauge installation

Q: Why is my EPA Marine tank swelling?

A: All portable marine tanks manufactured for sale in the United States since 2011 are required meet the United States EPA and CARB (California) emission regulations.  One of the regulations is that portable tanks, if they are to vent to atmosphere,  must not vent to atmosphere below 5 PSI.   Even at 5PSI, swelling and tank expansion is a very evident and very common condition.  Tanks are designed to safely contain these pressures. The Scepter tank that you purchased is equipped with a cap that has been designed with a vent screw.  This is a two-way vented cap.  When in the open / operation position, this vent has been designed to allow built-up vapour pressure in the tank to vent to atmosphere above 5 PSI, but not below 5PSI to be in accordance with the regulations.  When open, the cap is also designed to let air in during engine operation so that the engine does not starve.  If the vent is left closed the tank will not vent in any direction.

Q: Does Scepter have a quality policy?

A: Yes. It is the policy of Scepter to provide products that keep people safe when transporting, handling and storing dangerous goods. Scepter is committed to achieving and exceeding company, regulatory, and customer expectations and satisfaction through the development, review, and continuous improvement of quality objectives and the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 17025

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