Product Divisions

Scepter has six product divisions: Marine, Consumer, Industrial, PoleShark, Flo n' go and Military.

Each division is focused on developing unique products for its target audience.


Marine Division

Scepter is one of the leading manufacturers of marine tanks. Recently, we partnered with Moeller Marine Products and now have one of the most extensive marine product lines in the world.

Consumer Division

Scepter is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of Jerry gas cans in North America. Our ECO product line is the next generation of environmentally safe Jerry Cans that significantly reduce the amount of hydrocarbons that are released into the atmosphere every year.

Industrial Division

Scepter was the first to manufacture the now familiar blue box recycling containers. Today, many municipalities look to Scepter for strong, durable curbside recycling boxes.

We also manufacturer shipping containers. These durable boxes have a variety of uses for the office, retail outlet and home. They are the safest heavy-wall containers available for shipping, storage, moving, shelving and other general requirements. Made of tough polyethylene, they have a capacity of 2.3 cubic feet with outside dimensions of 24" x 20-1/8" x 12-3/8". They come with hinged or detached lids, stack when in use, and nest for storage.


The PoleShark system provides superior fall-arrest protection and improved work positioning for linemen. In the event of an emergency, it can also be used as an attachment for pole-top rescues. The system compensates for adverse pole conditions, poor weather conditions and fatigue. PoleShark meets or exceeds all current CSA and OSHA fall-arrest standards, and while no device can prevent a fall, the PoleShark system is the only one that guarantees fall-arrest protection within current guidelines.

Flo n' go

Each year North Americans spill more than nine million gallons of gasoline, largely in attempts to fill small engines in lawn mowers, chain saws, generators and outboard motors. Scepter's patented "Flo n' go" is designed to eliminate spillage and overfills. The gas pump handle control allows you to stop and restart the flow of gas. When used in the siphon mode, gas flows up to two gallons per minute.

Military Division

Scepter has been providing rugged containers to the Canadian Forces, the U.S. Armed Services and our friends and allies for over 30 years.

These outstanding products meet strict design manufacturing and performance requirements. Tough, lightweight and rustproof, Scepter containers deliver improved safety, mechanized efficiency, and soldier-friendly handling to the distribution of critical fuel, water and ammunition.

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