Scepter's PoleShark

The PoleShark system provides superior fall-arrest protection and improved work positioning for linemen. In the event of an emergency, it can also be used as an attachment for pole-top rescues. The system compensates for adverse pole conditions, poor weather conditions and fatigue. PoleShark meets or exceeds all current CSA and OSHA fall-arrest standards, and while no device can prevent a fall, the PoleShark system is the only one that guarantees fall-arrest protection within current guidelines.

The PoleShark system requires little change in climbing technique. When the back frame leads in a particular direction, it guides the gaff wheels along the pole. The lineman grips the nonconductive handles, not the pole. He is securely attached as he travels up and down.

The PoleShark system remains secure where it is positioned. Torsion springs hold the device on the pole without user support. The superior grip ensures the lineman is continuously and securely attached while he works. PoleShark's double lanyard assembly allows the lineman to work more efficiently and safely. By using the secondary work-positioning lanyard, he is continuously and securely attached to the pole while working above or traversing obstructions.

PoleShark's unidirectional buckle adjusts easily with one hand. It is not restricted to preset lengths but can be shortened or lengthened as needed. Wide handles provide comfortable hand positions, even with high-voltage rubber gloves. And PoleShark's symmetrical design ensures proper use by the lineman.
The PoleShark system provides fall protection when the primary lanyard is attached to the PoleShark and when the double lanyard assembly is used above obstructions to provide continuous attachment to the pole. Double belting ensures the lineman is secured to the pole at all times, even while crossing underbuild. Each strap is manufactured from woven nylon with a tensile strength of 10,000 pounds per square inch. Both straps can be individually adjusted to 7'6" with different lengths available on request. Standard locking snaps greatly reduce the possibility of accidental disengagement.

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