Scepter's Military Products

Scepter's Military products are vital links in the military supply chain.

Military users globally for many years have experienced the advantages of deploying with Scepter's military plastic products.

Scepter's Plastic Packaging System for Large Calibre Ammunition represents safe, practical and economical means for transport and storage of ammunition.

The Scepter Military Fuel Canisters and Military Water Canisters are standard issue with numerous military users and so are the complementary items such as spouts, adapters, pans, funnels and totes. Like the Ammunition Packaging Systems, the Canisters and accessories are injection and/or blow-moulded to military standards.

Plastic packaging systems for Large-Calibre Ammunition.

Plastic Military Fuel Canisters
Plastic Military Water Canisters.
Plastic Spouts, Funnels and Drain Pans
Plastic Material-Handling Totes

These military products are designed to meet either traditional dimensional and capacity requirements (as is the case for the fuel and water canisters) or tailored to meet unique packaging requirements (as is the case for large-calibre ammunition containers).

The packaging solutions and canisters, whether for fuel, water or ammunition, are engineered and produced to military specifications.

Made from unique compounds and subjected to rigid testing and quality requirements, these Scepter products are sturdy, rugged and highly reliable.

The Scepter military products are codified with NATO Stock Numbers and/or UN Transportation Certified.

For decades Scepter has supplied these products to military users globally, and we continue to engineer and design new solutions for new products or requirements.

Many civilian users are aware that many armed forces have standardized on our canisters, and the demand in the civilian continues to grow. To meet that demand a number of distributors have been appointed, and they carry civilian versions of our fuel and water canisters and accessories.

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