Scepter's Consumer Division

Recognized for innovative design and quality manufacturing, Scepter leads the industry in the introduction of new and innovative products, and maintaining the high standards set by our existing products. Scepter was the first manufacturer of Jerry Cans or plastic fuel cans, providing a safe, reliable alternative for the consumer market.

We converted the marine industry from traditional metal fuel cans to HDPE cans. The result was a safer, more durable and reliable product. We have also designed and developed an innovative line of Home Improvement and Environmental products.

Scepter Fuel containers

Fuel or Gas Jerry Cans

Scepter developed the first plastic Jerry Can, setting the standards for the industry. Since the original appeared in 1959, we have continued to refine it as new technology made improvements possible. Made from high-density polyethylene, the lightweight, crushproof design has extra headspace built in to accommodate expansion. New style jerry cans now feature self-venting spouts and Child Resistant Closures (CRCs). Scepter Jerry Cans are rustproof, unbreakable and noncorroding.

Scepter K205

Automotive Products

Scepter makes a variety of Industrial and Consumer-grade Automotive Products for the home mechanic or the shop floor. Scepter offers a broad assortment of Funnels in varying shapes and sizes for all automotive uses. Scepter Drain Pans are perfect for all automotive uses including draining and storage of oil or other automotive fluids and for parts cleaning. They are made in a variety of shapes, sizes and profiles to fit any application.

DP15 & DP184

Houseware Products

Scepter is a leader in the houseware products market in both innovation and quality. Scepter offers a full line of Refuse Containers, Curbside Recycle Bins and Storage Totes in a variety of shapes and sizes. All Scepter houseware products are designed for convenient, everyday use around the house, yet durable enough to take the abuse that comes with it!

This line includes a complete range of sizes, styles and shapes to accommodate all your storage and curbside needs.

68 litre tote

Lawn & Garden Products

Scepter produces a number of Do-It-Yourself and environmental products to make home improvement easier. All products are made contractor-tough and are designed for convenient, everyday use around the house.

Garden Gourmet

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